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Why Sourcepad?

Bringing an idea from your mind to the marketplace is hard work. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. At SourcePad, we’ve worked with more than 100 startups and small businesses since 2008. Whether you’re bootstrapped, seed/VC funded, or profit positive we can help you build your idea. Oh, and we love this stuff.

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How We Work


Agile Development and Lean Startup

SourcePad is a startup and always will be. We are flexible and we've been practicing agile development and Lean Startup for years (since before it was called Lean Startup). You and your team will have daily meetings, overlapping schedules and we love the impromtu skype video call. Continuous communication with customers and the team is the only way to build great products and so that is what we practice.


Constant communication & real-time transparency

Over the years we have become virtual work experts. Lets just say that we've been using Google Docs, Dropbox and Yammer since 2008. At SourcePad we use a combination of real-time tools and a process that has been developed and tweaked over the years to make virtual work as effective, if not more effective, than if we were co-sharing space together. We love working virtually and think you will too.


We hire 10x Developers

We are obsessed with building a great team. We have a full time recruiter and hire 1 out of every 50 developers we interview. We test everyone for code quality, speed, communication and culture fit. We're always on the lookout for developers more productive than the rest and when we find them, we hire them. Basically, you’ll be working with some very talented people.



Joe Chin, Founder and CEO

Joe is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, having successfully founded Internet companies over the past 15 years.

Joe is the founding CEO of SourcePad. Prior to SourcePad, Joe was the founding CEO of Searchandise (originally Guidester), which was acquired by RichRelevance in 2011. Prior, Joe was the Managing Director of REOL, founder/President of Diadem (a multi-player game company), founder/principal of JEV (an import/export company).

Joe started his career as an engineer, designing multi-million dollar satellites for Hughes Aircraft. Joe earned a MS from UC Berkeley and a BS from Columbia University.


Sam Pigott, COO & Founder

Sam is an entrepreneur based out of New York City & Manila.

Sam is the founding COO of SourcePad. Prior to SourcePad, Sam co-founded Clear Insight Group - a meditation-based training company that worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits & law firms to reduce stress in the workplace.

Sam's previous work was in public relations & technology at Harvard University, American Express & Fidelity Investments. He has a BS in MIS from Wake Forest University.